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For Adults 16+

These sessions are aimed at empowering you with the knowledge, skillset and benefits of Mindfulness, Meditation & the Mindset.

Calming Minds runs one day workshops for adults to learn the art of Mindful Meditation and the power of the Mindset.

Proven by current evidence-based research material Mindful Meditation has now proven the benefits and effects of quietening and calming our minds having a profound impact on our overall well-being, bringing a sense of calm.

We go into depth about the science behind Stress and Mindful Meditation (the Stress Responses and Relaxation Responses).

Gift yourself with the tools and techniques of Mindful Meditation & Mindset and learn how you can introduce them into your everyday life, in a simple way.

These sessions are interactive with Mindful Meditation and breathing exercises through-out.

Outline for these sessions:

  • Experience Guided Meditation and Mindful activities through-out the day
  • Explore what is Stress and how it effects our overall wellbeing, learning about the science behind the Stress Responses
  • Explore what is Mindfulness and Meditation and how it effects our overall wellbeing, learning about the science behind the Relaxation Response
  • The power of the Breath
  • The power of our Mindset, Gratitude and Intention setting
  • What and how to introduce this empowering skillset into your everyday life!

For more information, see our Meditation and Mindfulness pages, and all the great information under our ‘Mindful Meditation Fun Facts’ page.

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