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For Professionals Working with Children

At Calming Minds, we believe that Mindful Meditation is an empowering skillset for all ages that provide the foundation for overall well-being, which ensures a happy, healthy and balanced life.

Calming Minds mission is to bring lifelong skills of peace and calm to the world, by ‘changing one mind at a time!’

Click on the below links to find out more about the various services Calming Minds passionately provides for Professionals working with Children and their students:

Professional Development Days for Professionals working with Children:

Introduce Mindful Meditation into Children’s Lives

Introduce Mindful Meditation into your Staff’s Lives

Guided Meditation Sessions for Professionals working with Children:

One-Hour Guided Meditation Sessions for Professionals Working with Children

8-Week Mindful Meditation Programme For Children:

8-Week Mindful Meditation Programme

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