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This is our sacred circle:  each week we gather around our circle and discuss our concept for the week.

We are singing our wellness song with dance scarves, getting our groove on!

We are passing the gratitude ball around the circle with our feet.  When we get the ball, we say something that we have in our lives that we are grateful for.

We need to work as a team and try to get our bodies through the hula hoops, while our hands are super-glued together.

We all get a turn to use our ‘magic’, and turn the other kids into different animals while moving around the room.

Each week we discuss a different concept.  In this class, we discussed affirmations, and a time when we shone so bright. It made us feel good.

This week we started our breath work, having a relay race, using our breath to move the ping pong ball.

We are using our breathing ball.

When we breathe in – our tummies go out.

When we breathe out, our tummies go in.

Using Robert the Robot while we do our breathing exercises.

The OM Breath

Focus meditation: We must listen to the bell and then raise our hands when we can’t hear the bell ring anymore.

Focus Meditation: We need to focus and go through the hoop without ringing the bell.

Focus Meditation: While focussing, we pass the bells around the circle making sure the bell doesn’t ring.

Using our Mindfulness Sticks/Jars while focusing on our breath.

Children experiencing a Guided Meditation.

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