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Introduce Mindful Meditation into Children’s Lives

For Professionals in Childcare, Child Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Pastoral Care, Welfare and Support, Child Health … and more.

Staff Professional Development Day: Introduce Mindful Meditation into the Learning or Support Environment

These sessions are aimed at empowering anyone who works with children in professional environments. You will learn the tools and technique so you can introduce Mindful techniques and Meditation to children which will create more balanced environments for conducive learning, and help children regulate their own emotions, bringing a sense of calm and peace.

Proven by current evidence-based research material, Mindful Meditation supports the overall wellbeing; physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

Why would you want to introduce Mindful Meditation into Children’s Lives?

·  It reduces stress

·  We learn how to breath properly

·  Helps with depression and anxiety

·  Helps with social behaviour

·  Helps with focus and concentration

·  Addresses self-esteem issues

·  Helps us calm down and be in the moment, bringing a sense of CALM

·  Teaches us to be resilient & positive

·  Gives us coping tools for life

·  lnvolves left and right brain stimulation

·  Uses the same part of the brain as reading, writing and creativity

·  Helps children with learning difficulties, such as ADD & ADHD

·  Helps our overall wellbeing!  … and these are just to name a few!

Introducing Mindful Meditation into the learning environment is an easy and fun way to address and support:

·  Behavioural challenges in the learning environment, and at home

·  Children suffering from anxiety, depression or overwhelmed by emotions

·  Home, family and relationship stresses and worries

·  Resilience and Positivity

·  Creative children

·  Bullying

·  Non-competitive children

·  School related stress and worry

·  Wellbeing of the whole child: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Mindful Meditation is such a special gift we can give to our children, not only so they can use in their everyday life now, but ensuring a beautiful, empowering skill set they can take into their adulthood.

All Professional Development Days can be specialised to any individual or corporation’s needs.

One Day Professional Development Day: 

‘Introduce Mindful Meditation into Children’s Lives’ course content: 

·  What causes Stress.

·  The science behind stress: ‘The Stress Response’.

·  What is Mindfulness and Meditation.

·  The science behind mindful meditation: ‘The Relaxation Response’.

·  The power of the Breath.

·  Why and how to use your Five Senses to be mindful.

·  The power of Words – positive self-talk.

·  How Gratitude can change your life.

·  Experience Mindful Meditation through-out the day.

·  Introducing Mindful Meditation to children:

  • how to explain stress and anxiety to children and how healthy brains work
  • how to explain mindfulness to children and how to link to emotions
  • breath breaks to use with children
  • how to use our five senses to be mindful
  • using affirmations to change fixed mindset to growth mindset
  • how to be grateful and why
  • how to incorporate mindful movements: getting children up and moving
  • incorporating mindful activities in the learning environment
  • setting-up a mindful corner

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