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Introduce Mindful Meditation into your Staff’s Lives

For Professionals in Childcare, Child Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Pastoral Care, Welfare and Support, Child Health … and more.

Staff Professional Development Day: Introduce Mindful Meditation into your Staff’s Lives

Calming Minds also gifts professionals working with Children, the knowledge and benefits that Mindful Meditation. Gifting them with tangible tools and techniques to introduce into their everyday lives, Mindful Meditation will have a positive, profound effect on your staff’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

Regular Mindful Meditation within the work environment, improves communication and reduces conflict within the workplace. It is helpful with emotional intelligence, having long lasting benefits including increasing productivity and prosocial behaviours and building of stronger bonds between employees.

Content of our courses coming soon.

All Professional Development Days can be specialised to any individual’s or corporation’s needs.

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