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One-Hour Guided Meditation Sessions

One-Hour Guided Meditation accompanied with Sound Therapy Sessions

Calming Minds come to your workplace, facilitating a one-hour Mindful Meditation Class accompanied by Ancient Sound Therapy, helping your staff to relax and just be.

Science and research have now proven the benefits of quietening and calming our minds. along with the impact that sound therapy has on our overall wellbeing, bringing a profound sense of calm.

Mindful Meditation improves concentration and has a profound impact on our overall health, with the health benefits being accumulative over time.

Regular Mindful Meditation within Corporations improves communication and reduces conflict within the workplace, it is helpful with emotional intelligence, having long lasting benefits including increasing productivity and prosocial behaviours, building stronger bonds between employees.

If you wish to gift your staff a one-off session of Guided Meditation accompanied by Sound Vibration or weekly sessions, we would love to hear from you:

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