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Staff Professional Development Day: Introduce Mindful Meditation into the Learning or Support Environment

This session is aimed at empowering professionals with the knowledge of the profound benefits of teaching children Mindfulness and Meditation, giving children the tools to use in the learning and support environment.

Bring the science and benefits behind Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation into the learning environment. Calming Minds have developed an experience-based programme, covering focus areas in the Child Protection Curriculum and aligning with the Australian Curriculum’s Health and Physical Education strand and The Early Years Learning Framework (Links here). 

Proven by current evidence based research material, mindfulness and meditation supports the overall wellbeing our everybody, and through participating in our programme, children can experience the benefits of quietening and calming their minds while regulating their own emotions, to improve their ability to retain and recall information, improve concentration and learn to redirect mind chatter from a negative to a positive mindset to support good mental health – the greatest life tools we can give them!

Our staff present this programme and how to embed these techniques into your learning or support environment.

4-hour session: interactive session with exercises through-out.

Outline for 4-hour session:

  • Guided Meditation
  • What is Stress, Mindfulness & Meditation and the science behind this
  • Why teach children Mindfulness
  • Why Meditate with children; why use guided visulisation and other forms of Meditation
  • When and how to introduce it for the greatest benefit
  • Range of techniques to use including breathing techniques, Mindfulness games, brain breaks and guided Meditations
  • How to lead a Meditation session
  • Affirmations: redirecting mind chatter from a negative to a positive mindset to support good mental health
  • Mindfulness and Movement Activities

Whole Day Session:  As above, expanding on information, with exercises through-out of Mindful Meditation strategies for yourself, to build your own wellbeing practice, and demonstrations of activities for children.

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