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Rainbow/Chakra Breath

Fun Fact: Our Chakra System is the same colour as a Rainbow!

* For more information about Chakras, go to our Chakra page, HERE.

This breath will not only bring you into the now moment, but it will also help open and realign your chakra system.

  • You can use your imagination and traditional Yoga or Pilates Breath techniques.
  • Use your imagination to see the colour coming towards you. It is ok if you can’t see it – just think about the colour as you breathe.

Advanced Chakra Breathing:

  • Breathe in the first colour (Red) – imagine the colour is coming up from Mother Earth, entering your feet.
  • As you breath out – image the colour leaving the top of your crown.
  • Do this for every colour.


  • Breathe in the first colour (Red) – visualise the colour is coming up from Mother Earth, entering your feet, then stops at the chakra point in your body (i.e. Root Chakra).
  • Hold your breath as you visualise the chakra spinning.
  • As you breathe out, visualise the colour going down your body, then leaving your feet back into Mother Earth.
  • Then continue on with the second colour (Orange). and so on.
  • Once you’ve completed all colours, as you breathe in, visualize your breath coming up through your feet working its way up your body. As you breathe out, visualize your breath (which is now a rainbow) leaving your crown, with the rainbow colours washing over you!

The Rainbow/Chakra Colours:

RedRoot ChakraAssists us to connect to the Earth and material matters of our lives.
OrangeSacral ChakraFor warming and inspiring and details with all relationships in our lives, including ourselves.
YellowSolar Plexus ChakraFor being happy and sunny.  When we feel strong and in our power.
GreenHeart ChakraHelps with matters of the heart.
BlueThroat ChakraFor cooling, calming and communication.
IndigoThird Eye ChakraFor accessing inner wisdom and visualising.
PurpleCrown ChakraFor enhancing spiritual growth and connection.

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