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Welcome to Calming Minds

Calming Minds is ‘changing one mind at a time’ by providing adults and children with the knowledge, tools and techniques of Mindful Meditation, and its effect on our overall well-being.  

Leading by example, Calming Minds – addresses wellness through the empowering skillset of Mindful Meditation! We inspire others to integrate these tools and techniques into their everyday lives so they can live a life standing in their own power, while dealing with life events from a space of compassion and love.

Proven by current evidence-based research material, Mindful Meditation provides the benefits and effects of quietening and calming our minds, which has a profound impact on our overall well-being, while bringing a sense of calm.

Calming Minds passionately empowers people of all ages with a skillset which ensures they live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

We provide a range of programmes and workshops to support adults, children, schools, professionals working with children and corporations through-out Western Australia.

For Schools & Professionals Working with Children: Calming Minds attends Professional Development Days for Teachers and/or Professionals working with Children to either introduce Mindful Meditation into their own lives and/or learn the skillset to introduce it into children’s lives. Calming Minds also facilitate an 8-Week Programme for kids at schools through-out Western Australia, along with offering one-on-one/private sessions. The Calming Minds 8-Week Programme for kids rolls up to the Australian School Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework.

For Corporations: Calming Minds attend Corporate ‘Team Building Days’, empowering staff members with the tools and techniques of Mindful Meditation to introduce into their every day lives, which will have a positive and profound effect on your staff’s mental health and overall well-being.

For Adults: Calming Minds run ‘One-Day Adult Workshops‘ to learn the art of Mindful Meditation and the power of the Mindset, gifting you the skillset so you can introduce into your own life while reaping the benefits for your overall wellbeing, empowering you to live the life you love, while loving the life you live!

Calming Minds mission is to bring lifelong skills of peace and calm to the world by. . .

changing one mind at a time!’

Heartfelt thank you for visiting our Calming Minds website.  

If you find something that resonates with you and would like to discuss in more detail, we would love to hear from you:

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